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This department handles the following:

  • File new cases, assign case number and judge
  • File all pleadings in existing cases
  • Collection of filing fees
  • Reopen old case if judge assignment is required
  • Receipt for money collected for alimony only judgments (No Child Support associated with case)
  • Payments for "What About the Children?" and “Reaching Beyond Conflict” classes
  • Drug court payments
  • Payments of Fines
  • Restitution payments
  • Electronic monitoring payments
  • All court order fees

All pleadings offered for filing shall plainly show the caption of the case, the description or designation of its contents, and in whose behalf the same is filed.

All pleadings shall show the case identification number. The caption of the complaint shall state the nature of the case to whether it is a domestic relation, law or equity action. Complaints must be signed with attorney number, address and phone numbers.

Make checks payable to: Clerk of the District Court

Repetitive Problems with filings:

  • Wrong amount of money for filing fee
  • Complaint not signed
  • Wrong number of copies for service
  • Letter states envelope enclosed to return copy and there's no envelope
  • Cases consolidated provide only one copy
  • Not notarized
  • Motion with no notice (other than domestic)
  • Wrong docket and page number
  • Type of service not clear
  • Person being served is not a named party
  • Copies instead of originals
  • Attachments or exhibits not being attached
  • Notice of appeal filed but no praecipe for transcript
  • Vital Stat form must be filed with Complaint for Dissolution
  • Please note: Putting Dates of Birth, Social Security Numbers and other personal identifiers in court filings in violation of Supreme Court Rule: 6-1521 

Filing Fee Schedule


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