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A Payment History can be requested by a phone call or in writing from one of the parties of a particular case, by an attorney, or someone at the Child Support Enforcement office. They can also be requested along with having an audit done on the case.

Payments received were monies credited for Child Support, Spousal Support, Child Care, Medical Payments, Attorney Fees, Property Settlement, Guardian Ad Litem Fees, etc.
A Child Support Printout (CSP) screen accompanies all payment records given out or mailed for each case.
Payments are contained on microfilm reels for the years during 1968 through 1978. For the years of 1979 through December 21, 2001, payments are found on Micro Fiche cards contained in large yearly binder books. Lincoln, Nebraska began recording the payments after that date on their CHARTS System.
If an Audit has been requested on a case, to verify arrearages etc., all payment records must be printed to complete the Auditing process.

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