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Contact Number: 402-444-7613

NOTE: Please allow 24 hours lead time for anything over 3 years old

This area, also known as Court Records, is responsible for creating the entire case history from beginning to end on the computer on civil cases and adding filings on domestic and criminal cases. They also handle certification of appeals to the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court and the resulting Transcript of Pleadings. Any questions regarding computer entries or information on civil cases, please call (402) 444-7613.


Basic questions include: 

  • Docket and page numbers on civil cases
  • Inquiries about criminal and civil cases
  • Filings on existing civil, criminal and domestic cases
  • Dismissals, decrees, judgments or final orders
  • Court case management system - (what is on or not on)
  • Case captions (Attorneys, Parties, Judges)
  • Certified copy requests
  • Hearing dates
  • Questions about appeals to Nebraska Supreme Court and Court of Appeals

The Case Processing Department is responsible for certified and authenticated copies of the Clerk of the District Court filings. The Records Department also prepares the Certifications and Transcripts to the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of Nebraska . 

Any questions regarding certified copy requests should be addressed to (402) 444-7613.

Questions regarding requests for photo copies should be addressed to(402) 444-7619 



For example:

  • Certified Copies: Local attorney requests (402) 444-7613
  • Status of certified copy already requested (402) 444-7613 
  • Appeals (Supreme Court & Court of Appeals) (402) 444-7610



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