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Contact the Accounting Department (at 402-444-7600), two or more days after your case is finished.

Provide the Docket and Page number of your case and they will guide you through the process.

Office policy requires prepayment of all copies requested.  All requests are subject to availability of records at the time the inquiry is made.

To Obtain Copies:
You may come into the Clerk of the District Court's Office or, submit your request in writing. If you are coming into the office, be sure to call ahead to ensure that your file is available to have copies made from, as many files are archived and would need to be retrieved.

When submitting your request by writing, you will need to contact us to discover how much your particular request will cost, as our fees are based upon the number of pages of the documents you are requesting.


Please mail the completed form to:
The Clerk of the District Court
300 Hall of Justice
1701 Farnam Street, 3rd Floor
Omaha, NE 68183

The court has 72 hours to respond to your request once received.

General Fees: 
Photo Copies - Contact 402-444-7619 for price information

Certified Copies (1 seal) - Contact 402-444-7613 for price information

Authenticated Copies (3 seals) - Contact 402-444-7613 for price information


Public access terminals are located in the lobby of the Clerk of District Court's Office.

300 Hall of Justice
1701 Farnam Street, 3rd Floor
Omaha , NE 68183

(402) 444-7018  

Our office does not do Civil background searches. 

We have public access terminals in our office that you can use to do a search on your own, or if you are not able to come into our office you would need to find someone to do that for you.

Public Access Terminal location:
300 Hall of Justice
1701 Farnam Street, 3rd Floor
Omaha , NE 68183

(402) 444-7018  

300 Hall of Justice
1701 Farnam Street, 3rd Floor
Omaha , NE 68183

(402) 444-7018

The Clerk of the District Court does not perform background searches on criminal cases.

Information being sought regarding charges or dispositions can either be directed to the
originating agency or the Nebraska State Patrol. 

  • Omaha Police Department - 402-444-5600
  • Douglas County Sheriff      - 402-599-2608
  • Nebraska State Patrol       - 402-471-4545

You can check court dates on the public access terminals or call the Clerks Office;

Call Case Processing at (402) 444-7613


You will need to provide the Docket and Page number of your case. Please be aware that our office is not notified of every court date set.  Your best source for information regarding hearing dates is your attorney.

Per most court orders, all child support is to be paid through the court, or the NCSPC.  However, as long as there isn't any public assistance involved, the CDC can accept a notarized statement to credit child support, or other judgments, paid directly.

The CDC has forms and notaries.

The person who received the payment, the payee of the order, would need to bring a picture ID for the notary. If you are unable to make it to our office, we will accept any statement, whether it be hand written, typed, or prepared on a home computer, as long as what is received at the CDC has the original signature of the payee, and that signature is notarized.

This statement should include:

  • Both parties' names
  • Docket and page number
  • Amount received
  • Date it was received
  • Which judgment applies

If the intention is to satisfy all arrears due, it is usually better to state that than give a specific dollar amount.

If this is a receipt for a judgment tracked through CHARTS, the original is placed in the court file, and a copy, along with a form, is submitted to NHHS for crediting. Our office can only verify format; the staff at NHHS make the final decision on crediting.

If this is a receipt for a judgment tracked through CDC, the original is placed in the court file, and credit is given on the CDC computer system.

Non-Monetary Receipt Form
Full Satisfaction Form

  • If the state is enforcing your child support order, then a notice will be sent from NHHS to your employer.
  • To update employer information, contact Child Support Customer Service at 877-631-9973.
  • The CDC has separate voluntary income withholding forms for judgments that are paid through the CDC and the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center (NCSPC).
  • Before you submit this form to your employer, make sure the form lists the correct payment address.
  • If you have judgments that are paid to both places, you would need to submit two forms, and be sure to explain this to your employer when you submit them.

Income Withholding paid to NCSPC
Income Withholding paid to NCSPC Termination
Income Withholding paid to CDC
Income Withholding paid to CDC Termination

Jurors are picked from a combined list of Voter registration and Driver's license. More information is on the Jury Selection page.  

Trial length depends on how complex the issues are and how long jurors spend in deliberations. Most trials are completed within a few days to a week.  On rare occasions trials can last two weeks or more.  The judge knows approximately how long the trial will take and he or she will give you an idea when your group is called for jury selection. Judges are aware that long trials can be difficult.

Let the judge know if it would be a serious hardship for you to serve on a long trial. Please be patient during this process, because a lot of people have similar concerns about time.

Checks are generally mailed out 4 weeks after the last day of that jury panel. 

How do I get summer visitation credit against my child support?

                If your court order lists a specific credit for a specific month ( ie a credit of $200 each July ), that credit will be given automatically.

                If your court order states credit should be given conditionally (ie if or when visitation occurs), CDC would need an affidavit. Sometimes the court order will specifically state which party will submit an affidavit. If the order does not state, CDC will accept one from the custodial parent or payee of child support order. If the payor or non-custodial parent is unable to obtain an affidavit from the payee of the order, CDC  will then accept one from the payor  with the condition that if the other party objects, credit will be removed and issue will have to be resolved in court.

                CDC has forms, but does not require that specific form. Affidavit can be typed, handwritten or prepared on a home computer but would need to have an original signature and that signature witnessed by a notary. There are notaries at CDC, so the form could be prepared and notarized at CDC. A state issued picture ID is required for the notary. Affidavit should include the party's names, the court order or docket number of case, the exact days of visitation, and dollar amount to be credited as stated per decree or court order for visitation.

                Once received, the affidavit will be filed and become part of court record. A copy, along with a form and copy of court order will be submitted to HHS to credit.

                If your court order does not address any credits against child support when visitation occurs, the custodial parent or payee of the child support can choose to submit a receipt to give credit, but CDC would be unable to give any credit based on an affidavit from the payor.

 Visitation Affidavit (Payee)

 Visitation Affidavit (Payor)

Anyone 19 years old or older that is issued a Driver's License or State ID or is a registered voter in Douglas County, may be selected for jury duty. 
Your name may not match exactly from your ID to your voter registration. If your name is not an exact match, two jury records may be created for you. 
If you received multiple summons with different names, contact the Jury Commission and your records can be linked together. 
Additionally, you have the option to update your name on your state ID or your voter registration in order to avoid receiving multiple summons in the future. Contact the Douglas County Election Commission at (402) 444-VOTE (8683) for more information on updating your name on your voter registration record.

If you are a full-time student and wish to be excused from serving on a jury at this time you must complete your questionnaire, provide the name of the school and submit written confirmation from your Registrar's Office of full-time status.

 If you are a full time student not residing in Douglas County you or your parent is still required to complete the questionnaire.  Provide your address at the college you are attending.

As a juror, you participate in an important public process and fulfill a civic obligation. All persons accused of a crime or involved in a civil dispute have a constitutional right to have a jury decide their cases.

When you serve on a jury, you make important decisions affecting other people's lives as well as your own community. 

No, but you will still need to fill out and sign the qualification form so that we can update our files. 

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