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Jurors are picked from a combined list of Voter registration and Driver's license. More information is on the Jury Selection page.  

Trial length depends on how complex the issues are and how long jurors spend in deliberations. Most trials are completed within a few days to a week.  On rare occasions trials can last two weeks or more.  The judge knows approximately how long the trial will take and he or she will give you an idea when your group is called for jury selection. Judges are aware that long trials can be difficult.

Let the judge know if it would be a serious hardship for you to serve on a long trial. Please be patient during this process, because a lot of people have similar concerns about time.

Checks are generally mailed out 4 weeks after the last day of that jury panel. 

Anyone 19 years old or older that is issued a Driver's License or State ID or is a registered voter in Douglas County, may be selected for jury duty. 
Your name may not match exactly from your ID to your voter registration. If your name is not an exact match, two jury records may be created for you. 
If you received multiple summons with different names, contact the Jury Commission and your records can be linked together. 
Additionally, you have the option to update your name on your state ID or your voter registration in order to avoid receiving multiple summons in the future. Contact the Douglas County Election Commission at (402) 444-VOTE (8683) for more information on updating your name on your voter registration record.

If you are a full-time student and wish to be excused from serving on a jury at this time you must complete your questionnaire, provide the name of the school and submit written confirmation from your Registrar's Office of full-time status.

 If you are a full time student not residing in Douglas County you or your parent is still required to complete the questionnaire.  Provide your address at the college you are attending.

As a juror, you participate in an important public process and fulfill a civic obligation. All persons accused of a crime or involved in a civil dispute have a constitutional right to have a jury decide their cases.

When you serve on a jury, you make important decisions affecting other people's lives as well as your own community. 

No, but you will still need to fill out and sign the qualification form so that we can update our files. 

Postponement of jury duty:

If the report date that you have been assigned creates a serious conflict with your schedule, you may request to have your service postponed by calling 402-444-4179 or e-mailing the Jury Commission staff.

Prior to the grant of a postponement, the prospective juror must specify a date (must be a Monday or Wednesday) in which the individual can appear for jury service. Postponement dates usually are 3 to 6 months after the original date of service.

Additional requests for postponement beyond the initial request must be approved by the Jury Commissioner or his designee. 

  • You must be a citizen of the United States
  • You must be 19 years of age or older
  • You must be physically and mentally capable
  • You must be a resident of the county for which you have been called

If you need certain accommodations such as assistance with a wheelchair, hearing amplification, or special seating, contact your jury office right away.

Let them know what you will need. If they cannot reasonably accommodate you, you may request to be excused from jury service.

If there is inclement weather and you are to serve on jury duty and do not know if you should come in, please call the Clerk of the District Court at 444-7018.

Alternatively, if you are scheduled to be at the County Court, call the County Court Administrator at 444-5428.

The grand jury is different from a trial jury (known as a petit jury). People called for grand jury duty should follow the instructions on the summons. 

If inquires need to be made call (402) 444-6219.

You will need to provide a current physician's statement stating the nature of the disability.

If you have a child or an adult under your care, you may ask for a postponement or excuse from jury service. Read your summons carefully or contact your local jury office.

If you are the mother who is breastfeeding a child, you may request a postponement for up to one year by filling out the summons response form. 

You do not need to speak perfect English to serve as a juror. The court uses common, everyday language that people can understand. The work done by the courts affects all people, so it is important that all communities be a part of our justice system. No one person has to know everything.

Jurors decide the outcome of a trial as a group, with each member making an important contribution. If you cannot understand English, follow the instructions on the summons or contact the jury office.

If you need assistance, a friend or a family member who speaks English can call for you. However, you may still have to come in person to request a disqualification. 

You may obtain a statement at the end of your jury service from the Clerk of the District Court's office located at:

300 Hall of Justice
1701 Farnam Street, 3rd Floor
Omaha , NE 68183

(402) 444-7018  

You will still need to answer and sign the qualification form.

Individuals who are 65 years or older can request not to serve, but they must do so at the time their juror form is returned.

Two types of trials have juries: criminal trials and civil trials. Juvenile and family law trials do not have juries. 

The following will disqualify you for jury duty:

  • You have been convicted of a felony punishable by imprisonment in an adult correctional facility and a conviction has not been set aside or a pardon issued.
  • You are a Judge, clerk of a District Court, a sheriff, or a jailer.
  • Your spouse has been summoned to the same jury panel that you have been summoned.
  • You, or your spouse, are party to a lawsuit pending for a jury panel during the same time you have been summoned for jury serve.
  • You no longer reside in Douglas County.

Report to the Legislative Chambers (LC) of the Civic Center, 1819 Farnam St, no later than 8:30 a.m.

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