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The Tax Foreclosure Department is responsible for creating and maintaining all foreclosure actions when Property Taxes (only), are delinquent, and the County Attorney's office has filed a court case to foreclose on that Tax Certificate.  Please note our office's responsibility is primarily to maintain the court file associated with the matters. 

If you are a homeowner with a tax foreclosure case filed by Douglas County, we can assist you in determining what is owed to redeem that tax certificate, which will ultimately result in the case's dismissal. 

To determine amounts owed to redeem tax certificates owned by private entities purchased at tax certificate sale will require inquirers to contact the holders of those tax certificates.  Their contact information should be available from the Douglas County Treasurer's office.

There is no circumstance in which interaction with this office will result in an individual or business being able to purchase a property in tax foreclosure for due and owing back taxes.  Paying off sums owed on a tax foreclosure court case will simply result in the case being dismissed as the plaintiff in the case will receive the sums due to them.  The homeowner will then no longer owe that debt.

We do not schedule or receive information on auctions associated with these or any other property sales.

Tax Foreclosure Definition

 Contact: (402) 444-4787


All Other Questions:

  • General Mortgage Foreclosure Proceedings:
    Please call a local bank or mortgage company (no information available)
  • Tax Foreclosures filed in Douglas County:
    Call (402) 444-4787 (Clerk of the District Court, Accounting Department)
  • Tax Certificates:
    Call (402) 444-7272 (Douglas County Treasurer) or visit their website